Having problems with Master/Detail

Apr 17, 2012 at 11:32 PM

I am trying create a page where I show the master rows in one table, and the detail rows in the other table using Sharepoint standard master/detail functionality. For example:

Create one list called "Clients" with a field where I store if the client is "Active" or "Inactive" and another called "Orders" where one if the fields of Orders is a Filtered loocup of "Active" clients.

Next, I created a blank page and added a List webpart for "Client". then, if one clicks on the list webpart, and select the "Web Part Tools" tab, the "Insert Related List" icon appears in the ribbon. I select the "Orders" list there. and voila, I have a master detail page.

When doing this using a regular lookup, it works, when I select on the link icon for a specific Client, the orders show up., But when I try it with the Filtered Lookup, it doesn't.

Has anyone dealt with this problem and has a workaround?