Sep 14, 2009 at 12:10 PM

Hi there

First of all many thanks for sharing this great control, it should be a member of the SharePoint set of default controls :-)

I need to be able to handle changes if the selected item changes. With a standard DropDown control I would use AutoPostback=true to do that. Is it possible to do the same with this control?

If there are fewer than 20 items in the selection list, I can set AutoPostback=true on the DropDown control in the CreateStandardSelect() method. But what can I do to get the same for the HtmlInputText control used when there are more than 20 items? The HtmlInputText does not have an AutoPostback property.

I noticed that the out-of-the-box LookupField control uses a TextBox control in case there are more than 20 item. And that control does have an AutoPostback property. Can I replace HtmlInputText with TextBox in your code to get auto postback behaviour? Or should I look into a different approach?

Please let me know.


Ted van der Veen